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Meet Fideware, a Software Development Company for Startup

Increase your product delivery capacities and innovate fast to get more and more investments with each stage. Fideware’s full-spectrum services for startups include MVP or product development, IT consulting, and QA testing services.

How Fideware Can Help You

If you consider launching software development for a startup with an IT service vendor it may be hard to choose the ideal company to partner up with. Fideware is not perfect, because we’d never give up the right for a mistake to learn more from experiments in our R&D center. We’re not perfect, but as a custom software development company for startups we balanced courage to innovations and dedication to the rational side that helps us to be on the same page with startups when it comes to inspiring ideas and step ahead of them in terms of their fruition. Let’s see if we’ll click together!

Brave Experimenters

We have several parallel research and development projects where we experiment with different technology combinations for innovative solutions. We are also ready to support startups with their experiments for business models and additional revenue streams.

Geek Consultants     

Fideware relies on in-depth business analysis in its IT consulting services for startups. MVP or new features development, pivoting, or scaling strategies: we’re here to guide you on each and every technical aspect of the digital journey.

AI Ambassadors     

In Artificial Intelligence we trust! Fideware recognizes the value of AI and machine learning technologies for business process automation. Our R&D centers run projects in computer vision, voice and image recognition, and document analysis to constantly improve the accuracy of our AI-based solutions.

Reality Guides

We don’t only throw the bridge from startup idea to minimum viable product, but also create clear implementation plans that take into consideration all the complexities of the software environment where your innovative product will function and what resources are needed for smooth integration.

Cooperative Minds

Fideware corporate culture supports sharing ideas and insights within our own team and on brainstorms or strategic sessions with our customers. We appreciate constant fruitful communication and believe that it helps to find better ways to achieve both project and business goals.

Contact The Experts

Get full tech support on your way to on-market success: Fideware is a custom software development company for startups that will provide you with dedicated resources and solid IT expertise.

Our Services

Fideware’s Software Development Services for Startup

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Full-Stack Development

We have all resources to offer full-cycle development:

  • User-centric UI/UX design;
  • Performance-oriented front-end development;
  • Secure back end coding;
  • Severe QA testing;
  • A clear plan for product scaling;
  • Tech support and maintenance.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications development is one of Fideware’s leading expertises. You’ll get:

  • ‘Mobile-first’ approach best practices;
  • Cross-platform mobile app development;
  • Native app development;
  • Hybrid app development;
  • Mobile testing.

QA & Testing Services

Testing startup projects of various complexity levels we’ve developed our QA testing best practices in:

  • Manual digital product testing;
  • QA testing automation solutions development;
  • Integrations testing;
  • AI-based solutions testing;
  • Cloud QA testing and many more.

Software Integration and Consolidation Services

We help you to plan your infrastructure and IT capacities ahead:

  • Product infrastructure evaluation and detailed description in the specification;
  • API standardization;
  • Software consolidation strategies and implementation planning specifications.
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MVP Development and PoC

Perfect MVP will help you to get investments by representing key functionality available for ‘real-life’ testing and giving a clue about future expansion.

  • MVP wireframing;
  • MVP prototyping;
  • MVP testing services;
  • MVP redesign;
  • MVP scaling.

Implementation Plan Design

If your innovative solution should be integrated with the corporate software ecosystem implementation plan is a MUST:

  • Infrastructure preparation;
  • Workflow adjustments and new business procedures establishment;
  • Implementation training;
  • Solution monitoring tools.

Third-Party APIs Integrations

Third-party integrations may reduce your development expenses while keeping up with high standards:

  • Payment systems APIs integration;
  • Modules and plugins;
  • Data platforms integrations;
  • Analytics integration;
  • Telecom API integrations etc.

BI Solutions and Analytics Dashboards Design

Make your step-up into a data-driven digital competition! Let’s find out what kind of Business Intelligence solution will be optimal for your stage of development.

  • Complex analytics tool;
  • Data visualization and reports;
  • AI, ML, and deep learning for predictive analytics;
  • Performance monitoring tools, etc.
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Leverage the abilities of Artificial Intelligence to empower a new wave of cross-industrial automation and digital transformation.

  • Computer vision;
  • Voice and image recognition;
  • Document recognition;
  • Advanced analytics;
  • AI-driven chatbots;
  • Sentiment analysis;
  • Fascial analysis, etc.

Case Study

Fideware’s Experience in Software Development for Startups

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ForSpo Mobile Application

The most convenient and fastest way to call a team for a game. The problems of organizers and captains have been significantly reduced with the launch of the automated player collection service.

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Inventory SAP

Stocktaking of The Company Equipment. Large companies with large suppliers and centralized management often face resource-intensive control over the internal resources of the company: computers and laptops, tablets and phones, terminals, and so on.

Schedule a Call

Just book your time and schedule a quick call with The Co-founder & Chief Business Officer of Fideware Irina Bondarchik.

A 25-minute meeting during which you can ask us questions about the company and our work and tell us about your goals and objectives. As a result, after the call, we will be able to provide you with our vision of the solution.

Our technology and experience

We use a variety of technologies ranging from proven and reliable to the newest and most advanced

We specialize in mobile development, work with front-end and back-end, software integration, and database migration.

A Full-Stack Development

Mobile: iOS - Swift, Objective-C; Android - Kotlin, Java; Cross-Platform: React, NativeScript
Front-end: JavaScript, NativeScript, Angular, TypeScript, Python, HTML, CSS
Back-end: Java, Node.js, PHP, Python
Data development: Oracle, SQL, PL SQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MangoDB
Software integration: SQL, Spring, PHP, Java
Infrastructure & CI-CD: GitLab, JenKins, TeamCity, Gerrit, Python and other.

A Full Range of QA Services

✅ Selenium   ✅ Browser Stack   ✅ Apache
technology of fideware team

We provide software development services for startups through several cooperation models

How We Work

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IT Consultants

IT consultancy is a crucial service in startup software development for newbies or non-technical industrial experts. We’ll find optimal solutions for all your ‘how tos’ and ‘is it worth it’ supported by well-documented technical guidance.

  • Business analyst and tech lead services;
  • Tech stack and solution architecture advisory;
  • Conversion of ideas and business needs into clear technical specifications;
  • Test books and test cases development;
  • Implementation plan;
  • Scaling plan with estimations and more.
  • End-To-End Development Partners

    Fideware offers end-to-end custom software development services for startups or so-called managed services. In this case, we’re fully responsible for the technical success of your startup from the idea validation stage till its very on-market launch.

  • BA, tech lead, and project manager involvement;
  • Full-cycle development from MVP design to QA testing services;
  • In-built scaling opportunities;
  • Product support and updates;
  • Knowledge transfer procedures by request.
  • Dedicated Team or Team Augmentation

    Fideware may also function as a software developers company for startups providing high-quality developers to cover IT talent shortages. You may request a certain Fideware expert to temporarily join your team on a project basis or hire our dedicated team to work solely for you.

  • BA, tech lead, and project manager by request;
  • Middle- and senior-level exerts;
  • Designers, QA testers, front- and backend engineers;
  • AI, ML, and big data experts;
  • Team scale up/down options.
  • Our Focus

    Service Lines

    Software Development Company specializes in the fast and high-quality development of MVP mobile apps for Startups located primarily in Europe and North America. We are able to do this thanks to our resources and experience in QA testing.

    Custom Software Development
    Mobile App Development
    Application Testing
    E-Commerce Development
    Enterprise App Modernization
    service lines fideware main page 10
    In addition, we are engaged in the full-stack development of products and solutions for business. Our domain-dedicated is the telecommunications, data transfer, data security, development of AI, integration solutions. Our staff of more than 150 employees is ready to take on the challenge of implementing an idea of any scale and level of complexity!

    Write to Us

    Describe your project, briefly the goals that you need to achieve and the tasks that need to be solved.

    Enjoy our insightful articles and step-by-step implementation guides to ensure your market success

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    Improve Your Business Efficiency

    Share the details of your project – like scope, timeframes, or business challenges you’d like to solve.

    Our team will carefully study them and then we’ll figure out the next move together.

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    Мы не стали делать несколько приложений, а создали одной универсальное, которым могли пользоваться продавцы, монтажники и дилеры компании.

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    Уже более 6 лет Fideware разрабатывает и тестирует данный проект, в котором уже задействовано более 15 сотрудников. Разработка ведётся на двух платформах: Android и iOS.

    Подпускали к разработке нашу компанию постепенно. Сначала заказчик удостоверился в качестве и надёжности нашей работы через наш отдел тестирование, после предоставил нам возможность доработать определённые части приложения. В итоге, заказчик был настолько доволен, что передал Fideware полностью разработку мобильного приложения с сотнями тысяч пользователей. 

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