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Case Studies

Our two lines of work

Software development has so many activities, so it is important to pay attention to the focus of the company that you are going to entrust with your Startup or access to development in a Medium or Large Business.

Fideware specializes in mobile application development (in particular, MVP development in the shortest possible time), QA & testing services, and IT consulting. Our company has several own developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which we constantly use in our work.

Fideware employees have experience both with Innovative Startups in the field of Healthcare, Sports, Fitness, Beauty, Event Management, Administration and Logistics, as well as extensive experience in Telecom, Retail, Security.

Therefore, at this stage of our company’s development, we distinguish two main areas of our activity, which may differ significantly in their goals and objectives: work with Startups and work with Large, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Business.