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CountBody System

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Type of Project

AI & Machine Learning


6 Months of Realization

Expert Team

Business Analyst, QA Engineer, 2 Developers


The system is designed to count traffic in supermarkets, shopping centers, and other public places.


The technology for counting the number of moving objects is not new and is used everywhere. The options available on the market turned out to be either not accurate enough or too expensive for the customer.

That is why the customer turned to us since we had our developments in the field of AI and Machine Learning in this direction.

The main tasks that the customer set for Fideware:

  • Fit into the budget for the implementation of the project;
  • Integrate our system with the customer’s video surveillance system, deploy a server with a database and integrate the data display interface with the customer’s ERP system.


The moving object counting system, developed by Fideware, completely matched the quality of work to the customer. Together with the customer, we managed to agree on the budget and fulfill all the existing budget requirements.

In addition, we proposed to expand the functionality of the system. Thanks to the possibility of virtual division of the picture into segments with a separate calculation in the selected area, the Shopping Center was able to offer individual stores located on the territory of the shopping center the service of counting traffic in their stores. Moreover, a flexible statistical system made it possible, for example, to show the time of peak and least load on the websites of the Shopping Center or individual stores, thus offering visitors to come during the hours of the least work of cashiers and sales assistants, as well as stimulate customers with discounts at the least popular hours to drive more traffic and sales.

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