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Mobile application development

Diagnostics and Debugging of The Fixed Network Connection Point

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Mobile Application Development

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3 Months of Implementation

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Integration Within Network Elements Via Synchronous Mode During Diagnostic

The user interface of the mobile application developed by Fideware provides real-time, upon request, information on the status of the equipment, as well as other necessary indicators.

After the initialization of the required operation, the application sends a request to the backend system, which in turn launches the execution of a unique, specially developed script to interact with remote equipment using data networks. The script can run with various parameters, which allows you to perform a variety of complex tasks within the capabilities provided by the interface of the target equipment.

Examples of how it works:

  • obtaining information on the distance of the signal from the equipment to the end device to search for a possible cable break;
  • receiving parameters issued to the end device;
  • obtaining information about the state of the equipment and the causes of the failure;
  • sending various control commands to the equipment.

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