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The Technology of AI and Machine Learning

FaceDocID Recognition

Key Points




Security, Telecom, Retail

Type of Project

AI & Machine Learning


4 months of implementation

Expert Team

Business Analyst, QA Engineer, 2 Developers


Authorization of the user when recognizing documents. This technology is part of many of our other cases. In this case, the document recognition technology was integrated into the customer’s mobile application. Using the Smartphone’s camera, app users could scan passport pages, car licenses, and some other types of documents. After scanning, the data automatically filled in the required fields in the database, which significantly accelerated the implementation of the customer’s business processes.


The customer’s request was:

  • Refine the mobile application by introducing document recognition technology into it;
  • Automatically fill in the necessary data in the system to upload them to the database in one click;
  • Integrate data transfer into web service and customer database.


The mobile application was finalized by our specialists, the task was completed in the shortest possible time with minimal investment. After the introduction of the technology, users could pass the security point without contact, simply by providing documents unfolded in their hand for scanning, and other tasks of the customer were also solved.

Document recognition technology is used in many of our cases. For example, she was involved here.

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