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License Plate Recognition

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AI & Machine Learning


4 Months of Implementation

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Business Analyst, QA Engineer, 2 Developers


License plate recognition technology is used everywhere and all over the world. Our system is designed specifically for large residential complexes, where car access is carried out using an automatic barrier or sliding gates.


An association of owners of a large residential complex turned to Fideware to automate the process of entry and exit of car owners living in their complex to the internal territory.

The main tasks were the following:

  • Automatic lifting of the barrier at the entrance when the car number matches the one in the database;
  • Automatic exit;
  • Fixing the time of entry and exit;
  • Safety of cars (the barrier should not fall when a car or a person is under it);
  • Notification of an employee when a car with an unknown license plate is at the barrier. Fixing the time spent by such a car before entering;
  • Creation of a web interface and a mobile application for users and administrators of the system.


Our solution was improved in the field of car and people safety when closing the barrier, in addition to the existing web interface, the MVP of the mobile application was developed. In addition, we have additionally implemented recognition of special vehicles with emergency access to the territory of police, fire service, and ambulance vehicles.

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