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Mobile App For Sales, Installers, And Dealers Of A Large Telecom Company

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Healthcare industry

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Mobile application development

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3 months of implementation

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Project manager, QA Tester,
2 Kotlin Developers


Mobile application for internal use

The application was created for all types of employees who are involved in the distribution process and the connection of Internet communications.

Registration in the application and its use by all employees has reduced the time for processing the necessary documents by more than 30%. And the automatic processing and systematization of data made it possible to further increase the productivity of the working team.

The application is used in three areas of work

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1. Choosing an address

When logging into the system, an employee gets access to a list of addresses, which stores information about the current results of work with clients.

2. Client status

When choosing an available apartment from the list, the application provides all options for further actions, depending on the client’s response.

Systematized storage of data provides clarity and ease of work with a large amount of information.


3. Filling in the data

If the client agrees to purchase the service, the employee goes to the passport data processing page, which can be done automatically by scanning the client’s passport.

After entering all the data, they are sent for verification.

4. Equipment sales

Thanks to readable barcodes, the fields with the equipment sold are automatically filled in.

5. Document creation

Based on the information received at the previous stages, an electronic contract is generated automatically within a few seconds.

The next step is an application for an on-site installer. The date and time are booked taking into account the wishes of the client in the calendar.

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In this section, all the necessary options are available for the work of employees of this direction of the company. The focus of this section of the mobile application is aimed at automating the reporting of employees and their actions with equipment and documents.

This section of the application consists of three subsections: “Issue”, “Replacement”, and “Return”. After selecting any of the categories, the employee must enter the customer ID. After all the necessary work has been completed, an electronic contract is automatically drawn up.


Dealers’ paperwork works according to the same principle as that of the sales department employees. The client’s passport can be scanned and received and thus a completed electronic contract can be created in a second.

In addition, the system carries out a mandatory check of the sold product and the linking of this sale to a specific dealer.

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