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Mobile app MVP, finalization of the website, creation of a database, and integration with a CRM System

BFAS Client (Mobile Application)

Key Points





Type of Project

Mobile Application Development

Key Technology

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2 Months of Implementation

Expert Team

Android & iOS (Tech Lead) Developers, QA Engineer


Mobile App as a continuation of The CRM System

The mobile application was developed to manage events, work with instructors and federation members for the Belarusian Aviation Sports Federation.

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The Belarusian Aviation Sports Federation unites several different disciplines at once. A large number of competitions are held annually, and judges, instructors, and athletes are certified. In particular, foreign citizens can become a member of the federation to be able to regularly take part in competitions in the Republic of Belarus.

The upcoming holding of the World Aviation Sports Championship in Belarus and the need to improve the work on accepting payments have become an incentive for the development of the federation.


It was necessary to develop and implement a CRM system in BFAS and a fully functional mobile application for it.

Through the mobile application, users must be authorized in the system, identification, and confirmation of identity and documents, confirmation of the category of skill and flight hours with the interactive participation of other federations. It was also necessary to introduce into the federation the acceptance of online payments, their automatic accounting, and the ability to pay through a mobile application.

Order The MVP

MVP is a minimum viable product. This version of the mobile application should be simple, fast, easy, test the hypothesis that arose for the implementation of the project. A startup is either fast or dead.


The extensive experience of our developments in the field of recognition allowed us to use our services for the recognition of documents, faces, and user identification.

Fideware has developed a notification system using push notifications and SMS to confirm BFAS membership applications, qualifications, jump counts, flight hours, and so on by current federation members.

Expanding Functionality

Additionally, the possibility of online recording through applications for competitions taking place in the Republic of Belarus, including from abroad, was implemented. The user could go through all the necessary stages of identification, confirm all the necessary documents and experience, and pay for his participation directly from his phone.

bfas client 03

Complex Solution

In addition to the mobile application, Fideware also developed a CRM system for BFAS. The specifics of the work of the sports federation required a custom solution, none of the existing CRMs could satisfy the needs of the federation.

The complex solution of the Fideware mobile development team allows it to be used not only in BFAS but also in other sports areas of athlete management and competition.

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