Our Startup in The Field of Emotion Recognition

Emotion Beauty*


The main idea of ​​the Startup was to create an additional work tool for assessing the performance of companies and their employees, the degree of satisfaction of customers and employees of the company.


To scale this technology, it was planned to further introduce it into large cloud CRM systems, so that customers of these services could add this functionality to their Customer Relationship Management or Enterprise Resource Planning systems through the application store in one click.

  • Getting a real picture of customer satisfaction;
  • Identification of a potential consumer extremist;
  • Formation of the rating of hairdressers and salons;
  • Improving the quality of services.


The pilot project was launched at the Accent Beauty Salon in Minsk. An EmotionForm win-application was created to process neural network data and display the results in the form of a graphical interface.

When processing the image from the camera, the neural network evaluated the regression model, read and recognized micro facial expressions and basic emotions.

In the process of work, we got the probability of successfully capturing a face at the right angle to read emotions in 87% of cases from general surveillance cameras. When the camera was placed above the mirror, the system received and successfully processed data in 100% of cases.


* – The project is currently suspended due to restrictions after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Key points





Type of project

AI & Machine Learning

Key Technology


4 months of implementation

Expert team

Business Analyst, 2 Developers,
QA Engineer

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