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About Fideware Team

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Our Principles

“Work-life balance” is the basis of our company philosophy. The world is going through another technical revolution, we are on the verge of flights to Mars and incredible discoveries in medicine and biotechnology. In a decade or two, and Humanity will become an interplanetary species when interethnic, religious, and other differences are no longer important because we will be united by something much greater.

The industrial revolution is long gone, people produce more than they can consume, and it’s time to have a good time, fulfill dreams and be yourself. And we fully support this!

Key people

Sergey Ignatkovich

Head of Software Development

Sergey is in charge of the development department and at the same time is the manager of the company’s key projects.

sergey ignatkovich

Irina Bondarchik


Irina has been with the company since its inception, and took over as CEO in 2022.


Irina Bondarchir CBO of Fideware

Schedule a Call

Just book your time and schedule a quick call with The Co-founder & Chief Business Officer of Fideware Irina Bondarchik.

A 25-minute meeting during which you can ask us questions about the company and our work and tell us about your goals and objectives. As a result, after the call, we will be able to provide you with our vision of the solution.

Enjoy our insightful articles and step-by-step implementation guides to ensure your market success

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