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We provide a wide range of health insurance software development services to bring your ideas to life

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Healthcare Software Development

According to the report of WHO, 50% of the world’s population does not have access to medical services. Healthcare software development is the way to improve this situation and provide people with the essential opportunity of meeting their needs. Mobile and web technologies can fundamentally change the industry and make it possible for patients to contact qualified medical specialists regardless of their location.

Main Tasks

People from all over the world are looking for simple, secure, and user-friendly software to:
  • consult a narrow specialist who may not be available at the closest hospital or even in the whole city (for example, a phlebologist or a neonatologist);
  • book an appointment with a doctor;
  • call a nurse;
  • order delivery of medicines;
  • learn the details of illnesses and diseases;
  • work out following an individual program that takes into account individual health requirements of a user;
  • make a personal diet plan, etc.

Telehealth Development Services

In recent years, the demand for telehealth development services has increased significantly, especially as a response to the global situation with the new hazardous disease. But this is not the only reason. The global need for modern and well-optimized healthcare applications goes far beyond contacting a doctor remotely.
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Healthcare Software Solutions for Startups

Flurry analytics note the skyrocketing growth of healthcare and telemedicine app audience. Between December 2013 and June 2014, the daily use of health-related applications rose by 62% against the background of a 33% increase of active using mobile applications in general. And this tendency has been gaining momentum.

As a trusted healthcare software solution provider, we offer a variety of mobile development services:

Telehealth Platforms

Telemedicine enables patients to save money on visiting a hospital, making a diagnosis, and drawing up a treatment plan based on medical tests and data provided by the user. Such a mobile app is indispensable for trusted communication between a patient and a doctor.

Digital Guidebooks and Catalogs

This is the most popular type of software development healthcare industry containing the symptoms of diseases, medicines, and their analogs as well as additional practical features and recommendations.

Healthcare Diary Apps

Keeping a health diary, including daily monitoring of temperature, pulse, and pressure, is important for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Since a smartphone or a tablet is always with you, using a mobile diary application provides more reliable and timely results. The most popular mobile diary type, although rather indirectly related to health, is a period calendar.

Patient Monitoring and Care Solutions

Many people, especially the elderly, are at increased risk of a sudden deterioration in health. That is why mobile monitoring and care solutions are especially useful not only for patients, their families but also for social services. Such apps can notify users to take medicines timely, provide GPS tracking options to receive urgent aid, to corresponding government services in case of emergency, etc.


Why Fideware


Before starting the development of an application, we determine the target audience: its portrait, characteristics, needs, key goals, and objectives. After collecting information about the audience, we prioritize the implementation of the features that the application should contain and give a preliminary estimate of the budget and deadlines.
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At this stage, our healthcare software development company prepares the project structure and creates a prototype for iOS and Android versions. Next, we systemize the management elements and how they will work with the screens, functionality, and each other. To put it simply, the client can check usability and see the logic of the application before the product is completed.


Then we move to the color palette, fonts, pictures, icons, and other visual elements, apply them to the prototype, and get the design concept. It is getting clear how the application will look.
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Development and Launch

Our IT experts receive the design and refine the project. Their task is to lay out each screen and write code that logically connects them and allows the approved functionality to work properly. Also, with the help of code, they establish interaction between the visual part of the application (frontend) and its internal part where data is stored (backend). At the final stage, the product is tested and launched.

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A 25-minute meeting during which you can ask us questions about the company and our work and tell us about your goals and objectives. As a result, after the call, we will be able to provide you with our vision of the solution.

The Experience

Clients Success

The market of mobile healthcare apps is currently in its early stage of development, despite their huge popularity. This industry needs modern solutions, and the startups are quite profitable from the financial point of view.

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Custom Healthcare Software Development Services

We deliver custom healthcare software development services to hospitals, private doctors, nursing facilities, diagnostic and research centers, manufacturers of medical equipment, pharmaceutical companies, individual startupers, etc.

Development of The Healthcare Software Industry

The experience of our clients shows that professional development of the healthcare software industry is the vital chain link of making it possible to provide telehealth services, improve patient engagement, prevent the progression of diseases on the one hand, and increase profits of healthcare startups, on the other hand.

Dedicated Team or Team Augmentation

As for app monetization, we see that the following strategies show the best results:

  • A classic monthly or annual subscription. This is a perfect variant for medical consultation and diagnostics services.
  • The Freemium model provides limited functionality. A popular strategy for fitness, yoga, and diet apps.
  • Selling medical products and services.
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    Приложение для автоматизации процесса подключения коммуникаций

    Крупному телекоммуникационному оператору необходимо было универсальное корпоративное приложение для подключения пользователей к интернет-коммуникациям и продажи услуг связи.

    Задача заключалась в сокращении времени, уменьшении бумажного документооборота и сокращения необходимого штата сотрудников для выполнения данной работы.

    Мы не стали делать несколько приложений, а создали одной универсальное, которым могли пользоваться продавцы, монтажники и дилеры компании.

    В результате автоматизации документооборота и работы с клиентской базой данных, удалось более чем на 30% ускорить процесс работы, и практически полностью перевести все взаимодействия с клиентом и цифровой формат.

    Уже более 6 лет Fideware разрабатывает и тестирует данный проект, в котором уже задействовано более 15 сотрудников. Разработка ведётся на двух платформах: Android и iOS.

    Подпускали к разработке нашу компанию постепенно. Сначала заказчик удостоверился в качестве и надёжности нашей работы через наш отдел тестирование, после предоставил нам возможность доработать определённые части приложения. В итоге, заказчик был настолько доволен, что передал Fideware полностью разработку мобильного приложения с сотнями тысяч пользователей. 

    В данный момент мобильное приложение заказчика, над которым работает наша компания, является самым скачиваемым среди всех региональных операторов мобильной связи. 

    С момента, как разработка приложения перешла под наш контроль, его оценка в Google Play и App Store поднялась на 0.5 балла.