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IT Consulting Services for Your Business


Information Technology Consulting Services for Startups

Currently, it is not enough for a startup to develop just an application. Your target audience has become used to obtaining high-quality digital services, that is why a new company should provide an innovative product to draw the attention of potential users and win their respect.
A decade ago, it was enough to create a simple website or an app. But the modern IT market has been already flooded with offers to everyone's taste. The good news is most of them do not stand up to scrutiny and your project can become a true digital innovation if you take a small but fundamental step that lies in professional information technology consulting for startups.
The IT industry has been developing especially quickly. For a manager who is dealing with a particular product, it is getting more challenging to monitor all current trends and keep their eye on the ball of the market situation. Moreover, this is not necessary, since you have a perfect opportunity to enlist the support of experts.

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IT consulting services provided by our experts in the field of computer, information, and Internet technologies help entrepreneurs to optimize multiple processes, increase business efficiency, avoid missteps, and save money along with time.

Some typical situations

IT solutions consultancy is essential


You need to organize a complete management infrastructure of your startup, especially if you are planning to open branch offices and/or work with remote employees.


It is time for your business to grow and break new ground. At the very beginning, a business owner may have no idea about what issues should be solved in the future. In this case, IT consulting is required to create an intelligent custom roadmap.


Your business needs complete information security and reliable protection from hackers and DDoS attacks.

This approach has proved itself for many years to be the most efficient

Fideware's Approach to IT Consulting Solutions

We provide our digital consulting services by the following steps:


First of all, our certified experts are going to do detailed research in your business field. On identifying specific issues and peculiarities, we will create a unique plan for implementing your startup.


When the best solution is found, it is time to bring it to life taking into account all relevant specifications and requirements.


This stage includes deep analyzing, testing, etc. to obtain the best possible results.

Our technology and experience

Fideware Tech Stack for the development of mobile app services for startups

We specialize in mobile development, work with front-end and back-end, software integration, and database migration.

a full-stack development

A full range of QA services

Our Technology

Fideware offers a full range of IT consulting services for startups, namely

What is Included in Our IT Consulting Services

IT planning and strategy

Our skilled experts are ready to get your project ready for all future challenges. Efficient planning along with a deliberate IT strategy developed by your business goals is the key to the quick development of your company. Our experience in software development and focusing on startups allows us to find the shortest way to your success.

IT budgeting

Even the smallest startup requires realistic budgeting to obtain a detailed plan for further development. Fideware's consultants take into account your resources and assets as well as the projected costs required for implementing the new technology to deliver the most value to your company.

App development consulting

A strong IT project should rely on the business idea analysis, detailed terms of reference, an objective estimation of labor, and other fundamental components which can be easily missed if strategic business consulting is neglected. Our purpose is to dive into the details of your startup, examine its details, and provide a step-by-step TOR for your perfect application.

IT infrastructure audit

Optimizing and streamlining IT processes can reduce costs and improve the performance of the whole business system. The absence of an audit provides a very limited picture of the current state of your company and may lead to rolling back a few steps. An IT infrastructure audit is one of the essential services that will help your startup continuously grow.

Risk and security assessment

IT management needs to assess the security level of your IT system and the potential risk associated with a threat to security. Our team is ready to prepare relevant recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of your security system using the world's best experience.

Our job is to find the best solutions for startup businesses. We guarantee

Why Fideware

Tailored attitude

The growth of our clients' startups is the best illustrative quality indicator of our work. Our company has already helped a lot of well-known projects to take leading positions in their niches.

Focused experience in our area of expertise

It is impossible to provide IT consulting solutions for startups without having a long list of successful projects implemented in the portfolio. We have developed some mobile apps for security purposes, retailers, telecom firms, entertainment companies, etc. Let us apply our skills and knowledge to make your business prosperous.

International standards of security and quality

We advise business owners who are going to develop their startups all over the world, including Europe, the USA, etc. Our team works in accordance with A-SPICE, the GDPR, and other international standards.

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A 25-minute meeting during which you can ask us questions about the company and our work and tell us about your goals and objectives. As a result, after the call, we will be able to provide you with our vision of the solution.

Our experience

Clients' Success

The growth of our clients' startups is the best illustrative quality indicator of our work. Our company has already helped a lot of well-known projects to take leading positions in their niches.
Our team developed one of the best face recognition mobile apps. The task was to create a simple, secure, and quickly responding mobile application for a middle-sized IT company. The resulting software proved itself to be the most attentive security guard working 24/7.
Another example is a medical startup aimed to make the lives of persons suffering from diabetes easier and more comfortable. The development of this solution from scratch took 3 months and now the app helps people all over the globe to enjoy all shades of a normal life.

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