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AI and Machine Learning Services
for Startups

Get measurable benefits from implementing ML models into your innovative tech solutions

Fideware offers its AI and machine learning development services with R&D resources for building your custom AI-based solutions. We are also fast in prototyping and MVP development that will help you to kickstart your project and test your ideas in a real-life environment.

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Successful AI-based startups


A popular healthcare data science platform that combines specific healthcare functions library with end-to-end machine learning services. The platform also includes predictive models. Hospitals use it to build solutions that help to improve service quality, predict chronic disease, predict the risks of various interventions and treatments, optimize patient care, reduce absenteeism, improve operational efficiency, and increase revenue.


This startup helps organizations detect patterns that could indicate fraud using the power of AI & Machine learning. Using this solution, businesses can protect their finances and reputation in a preventive manner. DataVisor proactively detects fraud before it occurs.


Universal IoT Internet of Things (IoT) devices management platform. Companies can use the platform to empower their connectivity by remotely monitoring IoT devices, sending commands, validating device variables, and tracking the location of business assets.

Artificial intelligence

AI & machine learning solutions
for startups

The machine learning solutions for startups embodied many ideas and undertakings. AI services for startups are very useful. Whether a small startup or a part of a large enterprise, it is possible to make use of the power of ML to benefit a business. AI and ML combination is a super solution for forecasting and data manipulation.

Services for Startups

Business Intelligence

AI-driven BI solutions enable stakeholders to foresee business risks, ensure security and make smart decisions around arising business opportunities.

Computer Vision

These machine learning solutions for startups can be used for face and objects recognition, machine and auto vehicles vision etc.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

These systems are used for machine translation, text recognition, text programmatic analysis, and chatbots.

Conversational AI

Using AI, the chatbot solutions are capable of conversational patterns analysis, offering contextually sensitive responses, tracking user feedback, and provide proper reactions.

Voice and Speech Recognition

These solutions help companies build automated or augmented communications and translate in digital format.

Our Specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML application by industry


Retailers use AI and machine learning to optimize inventory, create recommendation engines, and apply visual search.


Healthcare organizations are using AI and machine learning to process images, improve cancer diagnostics, predictability, and analytics in genome research.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing professionals use AI and machine learning to create personalized offers, optimize campaigns, forecast sales, analyze sentiment, and predict customer churn.


AI and machine learning are powerful cybersecurity tools that help organizations protect themselves and their customers by detecting anomalies.

Customer service

Companies in a variety of industries are using chatbots and cognitive search capabilities to answer questions, assess customer intent, and provide virtual assistance.

Our technology and experience

We use a variety of technologies ranging from proven and reliable to the newest and most advanced

We specialize in mobile development, work with front-end and back-end, software integration, and database migration.

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Advantages of AI software development
for startups

More input sources

AI and machine learning enable companies to gain insights from a broader range of structured and unstructured data sources.

Improved & faster decision making

Companies are using machine learning to improve data integrity and are using artificial intelligence to reduce human error. This allows making smarter decisions based on more accurate data.

Increased operational efficiency

AI and ml enable you to become more efficient with processes that reduce resources for higher-priority tasks.
Advantages of AI Software


Current trends in artificial intelligence solutions and machine learning
services for startups

The global pandemic gave an unexpectedly sharp impetus to the development of these AI-ML trends:

1) Predictive analytics
This capability enables companies to predict trends and patterns of behavior by discovering cause and effect relationships in data.

2) Recommendation systems
Companies use data analysis to provide recommendations for products that users might be interested in.

3) Speech and natural language recognition
Allows computer systems to identify words in a language of speech; allows computer systems to identify the meaning of written or spoken text.

4) Image and video processing
There is the implementation of face recognition, objects, and actions in images and videos, (for example, visual search.

5) Analysis of opinions
The computer system uses sentiment analysis to detect and classify positive, neutral, and negative statements in a text.

Current Trends

Step by Step

How do AI and Machine Learning work?


Step 1.

Using ML and other techniques are being built an AI system.

Step 2.

Machine learning models are created by identifying patterns in data.

Step 3.

Data scientists optimize machine learning models based on patterns in the data.

Step 4.

The process is repeated and refined until the accuracy of the model is high enough to perform the required tasks.

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Our services

Fideware AI development services tested on R&D projects

Becoming a major AI and machine learning development company is one of our main priorities. We have initiated several successful AI-based R&D projects that were tested and implemented in logistics, wellness, and retail industries.


An emotion recognition project can have many uses. Our startup allowed beauty and hairdressing salons to determine how satisfied their client is, and integrated this metric with CRM to measure employee performance.

ID document recognition

The document recognition system is used both for fast processing and digitization of data from paper documents, driver's licenses, and so on, as well as for remote user authentication. Our system was integrated with sites that required user authorization using a passport.

Price Tags Recognition

The system for recognizing price tags in a store allows you to quickly check the relevance of price tags in your stores, as well as collect data on the prices of competitors. A mobile phone with a good video camera, the Internet and an application installed on the phone is enough.

License plate recognition

The license plate recognition system is used to detect vehicles violating traffic rules, automatic parking access, automatic toll collection, or parking. Our solution allows us to determine the license car plate in the dense traffic of cars even in poor lighting and weather conditions in 98% of cases.

Counting the number of people passing by

The in-store price tag recognition system allows retailers, malls, and other businesses to count the number of people passing by. This makes it possible to properly build merchandising and redirect the flow of people in the direction your business needs. For example, this allows you to optimally adjust the display of goods on the shelves.

Case study

Fideware’s experience in software development for startups


ForSpo mobile application

The most convenient and fastest way to call a team for a game.
The problems of organizers and captains have been significantly reduced with the launch of the automated player collection service

Stocktaking Mobile App

Stocktaking of The Company Equipment

Large companies with large suppliers and centralized management often face resource-intensive control over the internal resources of the company: computers and laptops, tablets and phones, terminals, and so on

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