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Tech Startups are not a business yet, but they are no longer enthusiasts

A Startup is a Company with a short operating history. This term was first used by Forbes magazine in August 1976 and Business Week in September 1977.

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Case Study

Fideware’s Experience in Startups

TeamCare Mobile Application

The TeamCare startup works with POLAR sensors, registers heart rate and other indicators and processes them in such a way that the athlete receives the most convenient training statistics and monitors his physical data in order to improve his athletic performance.

The peculiarity of this case is that the MVP of this application was developed in the shortest possible time for the start of a specialized industry exhibition.

ForSpo Mobile Application

The service is designed to collect participants for games and training. This is a convenient way of inviting team players into the game, which makes it much easier for coaches and team captains to accomplish this task.

The problems of organizers of amateur and professional competitions have been significantly reduced with the launch of the automatic player collection service ForSpo.

Health Tracking App for Diabetics

The mobile application is designed to help millions of people with diabetes make their lives easier and more comfortable.

The peculiarity of this application is its simplicity and intuitive interface, which is lacking in other applications on the market. Further development of the app includes integration with an automatic blood sugar reading devices and fitness apps.

Emotion Beauty

The main idea of ​​the Startup was to create an additional work tool for assessing the performance of companies and their employees, the degree of satisfaction of customers and employees of the company.

The pilot project was launched at the Accent Beauty Salon in Minsk.

Face Recognition (AI-PASS)

The task was reliable protection of office premises of a mid-sized IT company. Our first internal project aimed at developing a facial recognition system was implemented by providing access to our company premises.

We used software technologies and our office became the main platform for experiments.

BFAS Server

In addition to developing a mobile application for the Belarusian Federation of Aviation Sports, the development of its server part became a separate area of the project.

BFAS Client (Mobile Application)

The mobile application was developed to manage events, work with instructors and federation members for the Belarusian Aviation Sports Federation.

The upcoming holding of the World Championship in Belarus and the need to improve the work on accepting payments have become an incentive for the development of the federation.

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