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Health Tracking App for Diabetics

Key Points




Healthcare & Wellness Industry

Type of Project

Mobile Application Development

Key Technology

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3 Months of Implementation

Expert Team

PM-Architect, Designer, QA Engineer, iOS & Android Developers


The Main Idea

The mobile application is designed to help millions of people with diabetes make their lives easier and more comfortable.

Together with a leading Belarusian doctor, a mobile application was developed, the purpose of which was to simplify the life of insulin-dependent patients and to organize high-quality control of the condition of their patients by their attending physician.

At the moment, we are working with legal issues and are preparing to launch the first stage of testing the application through hundreds of doctors and dozens of clinics, which are ready to cooperate with us in this matter.

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Why is It Needed

Millions of people around the world suffer from diabetes. Despite many companies that develop various devices and programs to help these people, all of them are either narrowly focused on their production, or too complicated and inconvenient to use.

Our business analysts analyzed the market and concluded that the most relevant request is a simple and understandable interface of the mobile app. It must be convenient, and users should be able to make calculations anytime and anywhere.

As well as users needed the correct calculator and an unobtrusive chain of reminders to all calculations were accurate.


Fideware faced three major challenges in developing the application:

1.  Legal issues are very important when developing software in the Healthcare Industry.

2.  Accurate and proven scientific knowledge is required. That is why our application was developed in close collaboration with the famous professor and doctor of medicine.

3.  Many manufacturers, for example, those that create automatic glucose meters, are reluctant to cooperate with third-party companies, preferring to develop their software, the quality of which, unfortunately, very often leaves much to be desired.

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Business analysts, architects, doctors, and focus groups worked for several months to develop the application architecture. As a result, we have created a simple, but at the same time, multi-stage application workflow, which affects all variants of potential user requests.

In addition, we have created a system for automatically calculating the XE indicator for various products, adding products by barcode using a phone, and automatically entering these products into a common database, and much more.

Project Details


  • Automatic reminders
  • Glucose calculation
  • Data storage
  • Transfer of data to the doctor/parent
  • Calculation of physical activity
  • Doctor’s recommendations from the database


  • Business and system analysis
  • UI design
  • Native mobile Android clients development
  • The usage of industry-standard protocol for authorization

Technology Stack

  • Native iOS and Android apps

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