Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises cases

Fideware's SMEs cases

SMEs make up 99% of all businesses in the world

There is no official definition of SMEs. It is generally accepted to consider small and medium-sized enterprises a business with up to 250 employees or a city turnover of less than € 50 million.

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Case study

Fideware’s experience in SMEs

Mobile app for a large telecom company

Development of a mobile application to the domestic market for a large European mobile operator.

Mobile application for sellers, dealers and installers in Telecom

Development of a mobile application to the domestic market for a large European mobile operator.

Inventory SAP

Large companies with large suppliers and centralized management often face resource-intensive control over the internal resources of the company: computers and laptops, tablets and phones, terminals, and so on. Create a mobile application for employees that will periodically remind and require an inventory of the entrusted equipment to the responsible persons and immediately automatically send this information to a common database.

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition technology is used everywhere and all over the world. Our system is designed specifically for large residential complexes, where car access is carried out using an automatic barrier or sliding gates. An association of owners of a large residential complex turned to Fideware to automate the process of entry and exit of car owners living in their complex to the internal territory.

CountBody System

The system is designed to count traffic in supermarkets, shopping centers, and other public places.

The main task was to integrate our system with the client's video surveillance system, deploy a server with a database and integrate the data display interface using the client's ERP system.

FaceDocID Recognition

Authorization of the user when recognizing documents. This technology is part of many of our other cases. In this case, the document recognition technology was integrated into the customer’s mobile application.

Using the Smartphone’s camera, app users could scan passport pages, car licenses, and some other types of documents.

Price Recognition

A mobile application with the working title PriceWare based on machine learning technology was developed at the request of a large chain of stores in Minsk.

The technology developed by Fideware made it possible, using a mobile application, to automatically process the price tags recorded using photos and videos on the phone.

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