Fideware retail software development company helps startups to deliver solutions that shape the future of the industry. We rely on customer behavior analytics and breakthrough technologies like AI and IoT to respond to new retail market challenges and enhance data-driven decision-making

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Fideware’s retail software development solutions for startups

Retail analytics

Combining different types of retail analytics such as customer behavior analysis and forecasting models retailers can build business intelligence solutions that help them to get transparent visibility of bottlenecks in their operations and opportunities to improve customer relationships increasing revenue as a result.

Order management system

Order management system is the best retail software solution for startups to invest in from the very beginning of business development. OMS helps to enhance customer service by reducing order-for-cash exchange cycle time through optimization of processes related to order fulfillment.

IoT and AI-based solutions

Fideware is proud to implement our research and development project based on AI and Internet of Things technology to measure customer satisfaction. However, a combination of these powerful technologies can be used in many other ways to optimize supply chain and product placements, get additional insights on customers behavior and many more.

Omnichannel shopping experience solutions

Fideware develops ecommerce platforms, marketing analytics, and automation solutions that help retailers to be well-represented at each point on the Internet where customers prefer to buy their products. Our software development services for the retail industry helps to create unified omnichannel shopping experiences that bring more conversions and increase marketing ROI.

Inventory management system

A good inventory management system helps retailers to control stock levels, matching them with real and yet to come demand. Retail inventory management system (RIMS) is usually used with other retail management tools for better coordination of in-store and supply chain operations.

Custom retail CMS/CRM/ERP systems

Custom retail business management systems enable analysing data from both offline and online sources for complex business process automation. Feel free to talk to Fideware experts in retail software development services for defining MVP features of your future solution.

Supply chain management system

The popularity of requests for custom retail software development for supply chain management is conditioned by the fluctuating and ‘speedy’ nature of goods movement. These systems are helpful in coordination of actions and transactions between suppliers, distributors, and customers and enable smart business process optimization for win-win outcomes.

Retail mobile application development

The ‘mobile-first’ trend is here to stay for both B2C and B2B software solutions for the retail industry. Whether you want to create a mobile version of your business management system or build a mobile customer loyalty program app - Fideware is here to have your back!

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Fideware’s retail software development services
for startups

Our staff of more than 150 employees is ready to take on the challenge of implementing an idea of any scale and level of complexity!

IT Consulting

Request services of our Business Analyst and Tech Lead to study your case and offer an optimal technological solution with basic specifications in deliverables of our initial consulting IT services for retail.

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Describe your product ideas and business objectives and we’ll translate them into a scalable MVP solution ready to be tested in the real world.

Product scaling

Get both fresh ideas and skilled human resources to bring your retail digital products to the next level.

Dedicated team

Share your project requirements to hire Fideware retail software developers to augment your core team or to work as your exclusive digital product delivery partner.
"You cannot be better than everyone, but you can be better than others in your field.”
Irina Bondarchik, CBO & Co-Founder

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ForSpo mobile application

The most convenient and fastest way to call a team for a game.
The problems of organizers and captains have been significantly reduced with the launch of the automated player collection service

Stocktaking Mobile App

Stocktaking of The Company Equipment

Large companies with large suppliers and centralized management often face resource-intensive control over the internal resources of the company: computers and laptops, tablets and phones, terminals, and so on

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