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QA Testing Services for Startups

Fideware QA & Testing Services

Fideware provides independent testing services that serve two purposes: to make sure that an application works as intended as well as to identify weaknesses and fix bugs.

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Get full tech support on your way to on-market success: Fideware is a custom software development company for startups that will provide you with dedicated resources and solid IT expertise.

To ensure the best result, we provide the following QA and software testing services

Quality Assurance Solutions

Manual Testing

We have to make sure that the end-user gets not only the needed functions but also enjoys the product. This service includes solutions related to usability, functionality, design, security, reliability, performance, convenience.

Automated Testing

Our team uses custom automated scripts for every single project to test each development stage. This is the best solution to create a software product within a short time and make it ready for the end-user.

Quality and UX Audit

The user interface should be analyzed by experts to identify any obstacles that may affect your end user's experience.

API Testing

This software testing type is required to determine whether the application meets expectations in terms of reliability, performance, operations, and security.

Code Reviewing

We analyze the code of your application and provide recommendations on how it is possible to improve your product from the perspective of performance, functionality, and subsequent development.

QA Consulting

This is an express method to find out speed bumps and even the slightest gaps in the development process and fill them before it is too late.

Security and Performance Testing

Identifying threats and filling security gaps is your protection from being involved in a cyber scandal. Our team can identify all potential risks and protect your future users against data leaks without sacrificing smooth and quick operation.

Schedule a call

Just book your time and schedule a quick call with The Co-founder & Chief Business Officer of Fideware Irina Bondarchik.

A 25-minute meeting during which you can ask us questions about the company and our work and tell us about your goals and objectives. As a result, after the call, we will be able to provide you with our vision of the solution.

These are basic principles of our company due to which the results could be obtained

Why Fideware

There are many companies providing quality assessment services, but choosing the right team is the key to seeing your business succeed. Reputation, honesty, and professionalism are the top priorities we have been following.

It is impossible to ensure the highest quality of a newly developed software product without professional assistance. For a quick start, it is better to order testing services from an outsourcing startup-oriented team with a rich experience.


Fideware specializes in software development and QA testing for startups companies. We know the issues that arise in the very beginning and have enough experience to launch your product without delay.


You can expect true feedback. For example, if the application you provide for testing has critical issues in its architecture or does not completely solve the set tasks, we will suggest a better solution.


We are focused on something more than just creating some software products. Our mission is to provide our partners with efficient and strong IT solutions that help their businesses skyrocket in a particular niche. The Fideware team is motivated in bringing your project to a new level because every story of success is our fuel to move further.

Fideware Experience in Mobile App Development for Startups

How we helped a Startup to cut development time by 4 months and save 155,000€ to fit into the budget

  • Our team of testers' implementation allowed us to reduce the development time by 4 months, which saved 155.000€. The MVP development period was reduced from the planned 16 months to 12 months.

  • The Release date and budget were met. The testing process was successfully implemented by our development team and made its work more efficient. The development speed was increased by about 50% compared to the previous period.

  • The client received a professional team of QA Engineers with an average rate of 26€, which is a quarter lower than the average rate in the local market, and also eliminated the problem of hiring, training, adapting, and supervising QA Engineers.

  • Timely solution of the task of entering the market made it possible to obtain new investments of over 1.000.000€.

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