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Solutions for The Telecom Software Development Industry

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Telecom Software Development Services for Your Business

The efficient work of a big company or even a small team of remote employees requires efficient communication. Telecom software development provides a range of app solutions focused on configuring workflow and achieving the best results.

Telecom Digital Services

Implementing software-driven network services make it possible for your company to provide digital offerings that will set you apart from the competitors. Cloud-native applications and broadband services are a well-established trend.

Network Cloudification

The cloudification of network infrastructure is intended to reduce costs, reach for greater efficiency as well as regulate VNF onboarding and deployment. This is a necessary puzzle element that many companies lack.

Building Telecommunication Apps

Our skilled and experienced specialists are ready to provide you with ​​user-oriented telecom software development services focused on meeting the demands of your clients. Such a solution improves the productivity of business processes and improves customer loyalty.

System and Analytics Solutions

AI-based data analytics is a key to increasing customer engagement, the efficiency of your business, and operations involving streamlined networks. Implementing such solutions is the shortest way to bring your startup to the next level.

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Get full tech support on your way to on-market success: Fideware is a custom software development company for startups that will provide you with dedicated resources and solid IT expertise.

Trends in the development of the telecommunications market

Telecom Software Solutions for Startups

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In recent years, the telecom industry has shown significant growth. A lot of innovative technologies, such as IoT, 5G, complex mobile apps, automatization of various processes, and so on, have been extensively implemented.

As a result, the demand for high-quality telecommunication software development services for telecom carriers has also risen.


We are witnessing a skyrocketing development of the datacom industry due to the launch of the latest technologies, but most companies currently face new challenges to overcome.

Modern customers are much more selective and demanding than before. To win the competition, a company should offer customized digital services that can solve the needs of clients.

Mobile Software Development

Mobile software development in telecommunication makes data communication and interaction between companies and their clients transparent have become especially popular for enterprises since the use of the mobile channel has been breaking every possible record.

We specialize in building mobile software to manage telecom functions starting from micro tasks to driving the whole network of a company.

List of Main Telecom Solutions

Telecom Software Development Solutions: Types and Features

ERP Solutions

Enterprise resource planning applications are needed to manage a company's routine and avoid the risk of human error. ERP implementation covers all parts of the business, including human resources, financial management, manufacturing, sales, accounting, analytics, etc.

Cloud-Based Apps

Improve the efficiency of your business, rationalize your expenses, implement innovations, and simply enjoy the advantages of using a component-based management system. We offer telecommunication infrastructure development, personalized cloud solutions as well as data analytics systems.

Network Management Software

Providers of telecommunication services know very well how destructive for business a glitch can be. Custom management software is the best tool to monitor and maintain the efficiency of the networks. Configuration, provisioning, and other functions will not be a problem anymore.

BI Solutions

Business intelligence deals with most steps taken by a company, starting from operational to strategic ones. The goal of BI is to interpret a large amount of data, focusing only on key performance factors, modeling the outcome of various options, and tracking the results of decision-making.


Our telecom app development company offers you a custom solution for operations support systems and business support systems. ct us if you are looking for a team to realize your idea of a corporate portal, call center software, video conferencing platform, etc.

VAS Software

Apps of this category help to improve your enterprise’s bandwidth and the ROI by providing value-added services using VAS software. They include such embedded options, as message recording, ring-back tone, balance check, etc.

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Our Expertise

Our Experience in Telecom Software Development for Startups


We do not use default design patterns that make various apps look the same. Your software will feature unique and convenient visual solutions.


We do not leave our clients after the launch of the digital product. You can always rely on us if you need IT consulting or a launch issue should be solved.


Due to the experience of our specialists, we offer сustom telecom software development services meeting the requirements of your business.


You can receive a reply at any time since we are online 24/7. We work with clients from all over the world and no time zone differences can be a problem.

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Why Choose Fideware as Your Telecom App Development Company

We work with media providers and have experience in delivering high-quality services of software development in telecommunication. This sector needs the launch of innovative digital products meeting the growing requirements of customers.


Deep analytics of your business niche and providing targeted telecom software development solutions


The full cycle of mobile app development, QA testing, and support


More than 6 years of mobile app development experience


Cases and stories of our customers’ breakthroughs in their niches
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Приложение для автоматизации процесса подключения коммуникаций

Крупному телекоммуникационному оператору необходимо было универсальное корпоративное приложение для подключения пользователей к интернет-коммуникациям и продажи услуг связи.

Задача заключалась в сокращении времени, уменьшении бумажного документооборота и сокращения необходимого штата сотрудников для выполнения данной работы.

Мы не стали делать несколько приложений, а создали одной универсальное, которым могли пользоваться продавцы, монтажники и дилеры компании.

В результате автоматизации документооборота и работы с клиентской базой данных, удалось более чем на 30% ускорить процесс работы, и практически полностью перевести все взаимодействия с клиентом и цифровой формат.

Уже более 6 лет Fideware разрабатывает и тестирует данный проект, в котором уже задействовано более 15 сотрудников. Разработка ведётся на двух платформах: Android и iOS.

Подпускали к разработке нашу компанию постепенно. Сначала заказчик удостоверился в качестве и надёжности нашей работы через наш отдел тестирование, после предоставил нам возможность доработать определённые части приложения. В итоге, заказчик был настолько доволен, что передал Fideware полностью разработку мобильного приложения с сотнями тысяч пользователей. 

В данный момент мобильное приложение заказчика, над которым работает наша компания, является самым скачиваемым среди всех региональных операторов мобильной связи. 

С момента, как разработка приложения перешла под наш контроль, его оценка в Google Play и App Store поднялась на 0.5 балла.