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ForSpo Mobile Application

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Type of Project

Mobile Application Development

Key Technology

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12 Months of Implementation

Expert Team

PM-Architect, Designer, QA Engineer, iOS & Android Developers

ForSpo is a service for gathering participants for games and pieces of training

The most convenient and fastest way to call a team for a game. The problems of organizers and captains have been significantly reduced with the launch of the automated player collection service.

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Main Idea & The Task

Every day in the world, millions of people come together on sports grounds to play football, basketball, ride a skateboard or just go to a cafe to play mafia.

Often, gathering a couple of dozen people requires a lot of effort, communication, and a lot of calls. And if you also need to chip in at the gym, it becomes difficult.

To simplify this task - this was the idea of the application.


First of all, it was decided that the application should work on all types of devices so that all participants can use it.

A list of tasks that have to be solved in the process of organizing such joint meetings was compiled, as well as all the options for the necessary functionality were collected.


  • Personal and group chats;
  • Answers from participants: Yes, No, I don’t know;
  • Named lists: Go, Refuse, Change their minds, No answer, Not included in the composition;
  • Automatic notification of participants about any changes in the Event: changing the start time, venue, or cancellation of the event;
  • Ability to set a limit for participants: the system notifies the player that he was not included in the composition if the seats are over. If someone refuses and the place becomes free, the player will automatically receive a new invitation;
  • The opportunity for the player to change his mind at any time before the set deadline or the start of the event;
  • Possibility for the Administrator to register the player on his own;
  • Keeping by the Administrator of accounting of payments by players for games and training, attendance, which affects the Reliability parameter;
  • “Redirect” function: any participant can add his friends to his lists and invite them by clicking on the “redirect” button in case there is a shortage at the event;
  • Ability to share information about the event through all popular social networks;
  • Adding players to the Friends list to know who will be at the event;
  • Ability to rate the player or present a virtual award with the entry of data on the Wall of Fame;
  • After the game, players will be able to rate a friend to a friend;
  • Synchronization of contacts with a phone notebook.
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Sending invitations and receiving responses: yes, no, don't know


Duplicate messages by the SMS


Ability to cancel an event with automatic notification of participants

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Removal of players that are recorded, but do not come or play and do not pay after


Creation of informational messages with reading confirmation


Captain's ability to register players on his own

Order The MVP

MVP is a minimum viable product. This version of the mobile application should be simple, fast, easy, test the hypothesis that arose for the implementation of the project. A startup is either fast or dead.
forspo mobile app 04


The service has already gained popularity among amateur and semi-professional teams due to its convenience and new features, and a future update with the ability to "chip in the money" to pay for gyms, fields, and other similar services should bring the application to a new stage!


“ForSpo is an interesting online service dedicated to amateur sports and designed to help managers of non-professional teams in organizing training sessions and matches,” writes on his website Belarusian Basketball Federation.

The average rating on Google Play and the App Store is 4.4 points, and the application itself has been installed over 1000 times.

Project Details


  • User authorization
  • Create events
  • Event management
  • Create and manage chats
  • Reminder system
  • SMS notification system
  • System for receiving and distributing payments


  • Business and system analysis
  • UI design
  • Native mobile iOS clients development
  • Native mobile Android clients development
  • Client-server architecture (RESTfull)
  • The usage of own protocol for authorization
  • Payment subscription integration

Technology Stack

  • Native Android (Kotlin)
  • Native iOS (Swift)

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