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Value of Enterprise Mobile Application Development for Your Business

The article contains the answers to the most popular and confusing questions concerning enterprise mobile application development.

value of enterprise mobile application development for your business
Value of Enterprise Mobile Application Development for Your Business

Enterprise Mobile Software

Enterprise mobile software is a solution to help in the organization of workflow within a company. It is intended to make internal processes transparent and increase their efficiency. But right under the surface, we can face some issues related to the notion of a mobile application platform for the enterprise.

This term usually refers to restricted-access web portals or messengers, which can be used only by employees of a particular company. They may solve various tasks: simplifying communication between teams, departments, or branch offices, speeding up the exchange of current information, creating shared access to the organization’s data, etc.

Unlike popular social networks, access to which is blocked at most workplaces, a corporate mobile program does not distract employees during the working day. On the contrary, it helps the staff to work productively under less stress.

A smartphone or a tablet makes it possible for an employee to solve some business tasks remotely, even on the go. According to Gallup, 43 % of Americans solve at least a part of their work tasks outside the office. This rate may be different in various countries, but the virtualizing tendency is the same globally. Implementing corporate software allows creating an integrated system for:

✔️ Teaming up people despite the actual location of every team member;
✔️ Providing each employee with a great opportunity to apply their skills;
✔️ Preparing the company for future challenges.

The article contains the answers to the most popular and confusing questions concerning enterprise mobile application development, such as:

✔️ What tasks should solve a perfect enterprise mobile app?
✔️ Does exactly your business require the creation of an enterprise mobile application?
✔️ What kind of missteps do most business owners make and how to avoid them?
✔️ How to outsource the development of your corporate app correctly?

This simple guide is written by Fideware experts for you to avoid typical mistakes of most business owners and benefit from our development experience.

Types of Mobile Corporate Applications

If you have decided that your company requires enterprise mobile app development, the first step is to identify the software of what category is required. Read the following information carefully to avoid the primary mistake.

This is a common situation when an employer wishes to obtain the best results and orders us the development of a completely unnecessary solution. In such cases, we always offer a better variant which may cost even less in comparison with the initial idea. Nevertheless, knowing the types of enterprise mobile app development and understanding their distinguishing features can save you much time and company resources.

types of enterprise mobile apps from blog

Employee-Level Apps

Solutions from this category are usually quite simple and feature a short function list. They are usually required to simplify the communication of team members and eliminate any need for a connecting element like an operator or formal inquiries. One more useful feature of such apps is providing quick feedback.

Here are a couple of employee-level app examples:

✔️ Software for managing sales processes, with the help of which employees can quickly get all necessary customer data;
✔️ Messaging tools for quick and secure communication between the team leader and the developers working on the same project;
✔️ Business analytics applications showing the key KPIs;
✔️ Custom task setting platforms;
✔️ Update tracking tools, etc.

Security is the top priority when developing a mobile app development for enterprises since data leakage is unacceptable. This is another important reason why popular messengers are not the best variant for corporate communication and virtual discussing the details of a project.

Department-Level Apps

Software of this level is designed to improve the efficiency of departments and upgrade their interaction. The examples include:

✔️ Messaging tools for several groups;
✔️ Task management workspaces;
✔️ Technical support ticket systems;
✔️ Market analysis apps;
✔️ Financial accounting solutions;
✔️ HR tools for collecting and managing employee data, etc.

Also, a department-level enterprise mobile app platform may interact with partner software enabling the users to transfer data between certain structures. E-commerce applications and banking tools are great examples.

Company-Level Apps

Such platforms should work as a private social network and storage of all data/documents. The architecture of company-level apps is the most complicated since different access levels taking into account the user’s position are often required.

The major reason for a company to have a platform of this type developed is creating a strong connection between various departments and branches to make your organization function as a clock mechanism. This may become a true challenge without having an appropriate mobile tool, especially if your teams are international or at least employees work remotely.

Keep in Mind!

There is no sense to rely on some patterns or ready-made solutions. Our team is happy to create a custom platform adapted to your needs and requirements. Professional development of enterprise mobile app platform solves most routine problems your working groups face every day.

Look at the projects we are especially proud of!

Benefits of Having Mobile Application for Enterprise

Although the three types of corporate platforms have slightly different functions, we can identify some common benefits of enterprise mobile app development. They are the same regardless of a particular tool or methods used.

Increasing employee productivity and saving time

A corporate app is an easy solution to cope with routine. For example, instead of visiting the HR office an employee can contact a department representative in the corporate chat or make changes to their personal profile themselves. Corresponding app functions also allow a team member to avoid red tape when it goes to sick or vacation leave, etc. As a result, an employee remains focused on solving their work tasks, shows better results, and brings more money to the company.

Reducing human factor

Mistakes happen, they are an integral part of any workflow. Although they play an important role in the development and improvement, every team member would like to avoid unpleasant experiences and feeling upset. The more actions have to be done manually, the higher risk of a mistake due to human factors. A modern corporate app tends to automate as many processes as possible and free users from doing unnecessary jobs.

Building effective communication

According to Pumble, 86 % of employees feel the lack of effective communication at work and call this aspect the primary reason for workplace failures. At the same time, in teams in which this gap has been closed, work productivity increases by nearly 25 %. An enterprise application developed by experts creates the perfect atmosphere for comfortable working.

Higher security level

Most corporate apps use encryption methods to prevent any data leakage. This is the safest solution for storing and exchanging customer and employee personal information within the company. If external file-sharing sites or popular social networks are used for sharing project files protected by NDA, your company has a risk of being involved in a cyber scandal when user data leaks once again.

Schedule a Call

Just book your time and schedule a quick call with The Co-founder & Chief Business Officer of Fideware Irina Bondarchik.

A 25-minute meeting during which you can ask us questions about the company and our work and tell us about your goals and objectives. As a result, after the call, we will be able to provide you with our vision of the solution.

Basic Features of an Enterprise App

A corporate mobile app should serve the core goal to meet the needs of your business and help the entire company to work together. The following features of mobile app development for enterprises are essential, they should be presented in your software.

enterprise mobile app key features from blog


Secure data exchange is above everything else. At least two-factor authentication is a feature that cannot be ignored when you need the simplest app ever.

Data sharing

The bigger the company, the more data needs to be processed a day. Real-time data sharing is a convenient feature for all employees that can be easily implemented in a corporate mobile app. It is convenient to share documents of any format on the go. For example, an employee does not need to wait for a colleague at the office to get a particular Excel or PowerPoint to continue working. This is especially important on weekends or in the case of force majeure.

Instant messaging

As Nathan Mayer Rothschild said, “Who owns the information, owns the world.” We would like to rephrase the second part of this famous statement: “Who owns the information is flexible and copes with the tasks without delays.” Provide your teams with the ability to be informed about issues of the project on which they are working promptly.

Real-time analytics

To help your enterprise in managing numerous processes, the real-time analytics feature is extremely useful. It helps to have a finger on the pulse and always be informed about the result of common work.

In-app notifications

Relevant push notifications impact the customers’ behavior. The same model can be easily used in your corporate app to notify the employees about upcoming events, such as company parties, training courses, emergencies, etc.

Cloud storage

The essential function of any mobile app is to provide smooth access to all data needed from anywhere, and cloud storage is a perfect solution. According to Gartner, in 2020, this international market has grown to 270 billion USD. By 2022, the expected amount is going to reach 397,496 billion USD.

Offline mode

This feature adds 1,000 points to the app’s usability. There are too many situations, in which you are not able to use the Internet. An offline mode is a true rescue in such circumstances. The simplest way out is to use cookies, this enables browsing all seen documents when you are offline.

Cost of Developing Enterprise Mobile App

On average, the cost of simple corporate software for mobile devices starts from 30,000 USD and sometimes exceeds 500,000 USD for a multi-function company app with a unique design. The dispersion is giant, but no specialist can estimate a precise development price until the entire amount of work is known and agreed upon.

enterprise mobile app developer rates by regions from blog

If you need building of enterprise mobile application, there is no need to hire a team of experts and pay them monthly salaries. There is a solution to obtain the best result within a short time, avoid HR difficulties, and bear no extra losses: to outsource the mobile app development.

We know the specificity of working with startups and B2B, B2C as well as B2G companies. Let us provide you with a mobile solution to help your business skyrocket!

Our Experience in Developing Mobile Application for Enterprises

Fideware is a Belarus-based app development company that has been working in this industry since 2015 and has a lot of successful cases in our portfolio.

We have implemented a list of complex projects and put together a strong team of international-level experts: developers, designers, QA specialists.

Our team has developed and implemented corporate apps for various purposes:

✔️ Inventory management (integration of a mobile application with the customer’s database);
✔️ CRM and ERP systems (integration of communication systems through API with cloud CRM and ERP systems);
✔️ Providing security (face / document recognition), etc.

Our company has enough experience to help you in solving any challenging task!

Consider Fideware Your Trusted Partner in Developing Your Startup

Our experts are ready to provide you with professional advice and work out a custom solution for your business. The mission of Fideware is to help your business grow, we never start working on a project just to tick the box. That is why our portfolio is rather small, but each project truly changes the game rules in its industry. Every application we have completed creates perfect conditions to make its users feel the true pros of developing a mobile app for enterprise to the full extent.

Contact us if you have any questions or doubts concerning corporate mobile software for your company and let’s see what we can offer!

Final Thoughts

The building of enterprise mobile applications is a surefire way to stimulate your business growth and leave behind your competitors who habitually rely on outdated tools. Such a solution helps to process and analyze rapidly changing data, improve customer service and supply chains, cope with financial operations, etc. There are no right or wrong ideas concerning a corporate app. You can either use a proven solution or bring an innovation. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask any questions.

Write to Us

Describe your project, briefly the goals that you need to achieve and the tasks that need to be solved.


You are planning to outsource QA, but you still have doubts. How useful is it? How to avoid communication problems, build processes correctly? We have tried to answer the questions most often asked by our specialists.

Creating of enterprise mobile application is a long process, that concludes the following stages:

✔️ interview;
✔️ strategy;
✔️ concept;
✔️ design and development;
✔️ testing;
✔️ release and ongoing support.

The exact time is individual for each project, but we always inform our customers how much time a particular phase needs for you to create your own and business plans. Who owns the information, owns the world 🙂

Most business owners do not like surprises and we respect this. That is why we have established an efficient workflow scheme that makes it possible to cope with even the hardest tasks of enterprise mobile app development as quickly as possible without compromising the quality. In fact, implementing data security and API strategy are usually the most time-consuming tasks, but they usually do not cause a release delay.

This is not a problem at all. Everyone should be an expert in something particular. We are here exactly to help you in virtualizing your company to increase the efficiency of your employees. Just get in touch with us and describe the task in your own words.

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